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Mold Surface Coatings to the Wind industry and FRP productions ​

Release agents/coatings

Since 1999 we have consistently set the standard in our field, improving the use of “Green Chemistry” and its value to our customers. We are well positioned within manufacturer of Wind Turbine Blades and other composites parts related to this Industry. Our track records proves the durability and efficientcy for these molding release coats -  even with great cost savings and none H&S issues for our clients.

Most of our Release Agents are odorless, free of solvents, waterbased semi-permanent polymer systems.

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Application tools - Spraymops

Innovative tooling & working methods for application of release agents. Consistent and reliable performance securing even coating and less consumption. Granudan continuously seeks to find new efficient application techniques to limit downtime. and a secure a safe environment for operators. 

Our developed grinding tools for Wind blade mould surfaces are extremely efficient, and ensure huge saving in labor cost, matreial cost, and most important limit the time before the mopuld are back in production.  Call us for more information.

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Team of operators, Service or Consultancy - Wind Blade molds

Need extra ressources during refurbs? Our partner company "MouldProtec" offers a team of highly experienced composites technicians specialized and trained in mould maintenance of Wind Turbine Blade molds (shells, webs, rootjoints etc.). Today we work with some of the biggest blade manufacturers - making refurbs during holidays etc.. We bring own equipment,  make repairs, sanding, surface treatments (primer/sealer, release agent etc.) in highest quality and to promised deadline.

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Surface maintenance: Polishing & grinding pastes

Surface Finishing. Lack of gloss? Remove scathes? or just need super finish on your gelcoated part? Farecla offers the best polishing compounds for composites surfaces.?

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Surface design coats:   Solid Surface coatings

Granudan obtains stock of more than 30 different colors for solid surface coating. We matches any color and design. See some of our range of colors....

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Spraying pistols ao.

​Polycon spraygun is your best choice for spraying up gelcoat - with or without colored fillers. Also suitable for release agent application....

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chemtrend release agent (ChemLease)

Granudan expects to renew our 5-year exclusivity agreement with Chem-Trend (manufacturer) covering global supply of the "BreeZ" range of release agents specified for the Wind Blade manufacturing. BreeZ" - products are specific developed for the Wind Industry (Blade manufacturing) between Granudan and Zyvax..


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In close collaboration with B. Roos Teknik in Sweden, Granudan is now serving swedish customers from our central warehouse in Copenhagen.

We therefore support, store and deliver both Zyvax & ChemLease release products in Denmark and Sweden, to continously keep a high level in service and distribution with great benefits for all parties.

​We supply global - offices and warehouses in DK, CN & US

​​New test-center established in Stenloese, Denmark.

Why is choice of Release agent important?


Granudan ApS • Knud Bro Alle 4 • DK-3660 Stenløse • Danmark

Europe: +45 44 84 37 56 • China: +86 139 405 96480 • USA: +1 719 229 1981

e-mail: sales@granudan.com


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