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NEW!   MPP 2698W is a waterbased primer and the latest development from ChemTrend:

A primer is a perfect solution for giving a worn out tool surface new life. The primer leaves a tough and durable sealed film and intends to lower the surface energy significantly. A low surface energy minimizes the risk for fish eying of gelcoats. Remember: A primer has no release power - but supports a mechanical release - should be considered as a lackier. We still recommend the use of a Sealer.

Contains: ethanol              Package: 3,76 kg.

Enhanced surface  - Gives "new life" to worn out surface....​try it!

Aqua slipcoat 506 - release agent​



High release power - very flexible and suitable on surfaces with significant high stress during demould. Enable placement of fabrics without use of gelcoats.

Aqua Slipcoat 506 is a water based semi-permanent sealer and release in same product which contains a mix of liquid wax and polymer. Aqua Slipcoat 506 has a high durability to abrasive material, tricky components and works well in both polyester, vinylester and epoxy based production environments. After evaporation a complete protective layer is built. 

AQUA SLIPCOAT 506 is a very cost-efficient release agent, and is in general an all-round release agents to be used for mould build and in both polyester and low-temp. epoxy production environments. Thermal stability up to 15o degrees C..

Contains: polymer and wax (70/30)          Package: 5 liter

Granudan Cleaner     GR-08



Granudan has developed a new, effective environmentally friendly cleaner to replace or substitute our solventbased cleaner:

Our new cleaner “GR-08” is both a cleaner and degreaser, which in many cases is as effective as ordinary solventbased cleaners.  GR-08 readily removes waxes and other surface contaminants without harming or dulling the working surfaces of the mould. GR-08 gives a anti-corrosion protection on metal surfaces, even with a fairly high amount of watercontent in the product!. GR-08 is 100 % biodegradable and not inflammable. We recommend to mix 50/50

with destilled water before use.

Contains:  Butylglykol              Package: 5 liter.

Tackifier PregMagic



Tackifier to be applied with brush/spray over WaterShield or Enviroshield to enable placement of fabrics:

Pregmagic is a solvent-free formula that is specially designed to facilitate wrinkle-free layout. PregMagic, applied to the mold surface, allows precision “stacking” of prepregs and peel- plies by creating a temporarily tacky surface. Composites release effortlessly after the complete cure.

Contains:              Package: 4 liters.


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