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Release agents - 脱模剂

Granudan: 在脱模剂应用上,我们是您的伙伴和咨询顾问. 我们的服务

• 培训员工,车间试验,材料实验    • 全球范围内的服务和配送   • 多语言的文件和服务

整个生产过程包括:清洁,封孔涂抹,脱模剂涂抹三部分,从而形成一种半永久性的脱模层,而且不再需要溶剂的使用。ZYVAX (BreeZ) 无溶剂型产品非常可靠,属于无挥发性有机化合物,是在室温下可固化的半永久性脱模产品. 这种非溶剂型脱模剂虽然含水量很高,却可以耐280°C的高温。​

Granudan represents some of the biggest brands within the World of Release Agent - Zyvax & ChemTrend. We are a "global solution provider" specified in surface treatments of tools, molds, plugs and general technical support in mold maintenance to the Composite Industry.

We offer onsite supervision, training of Workers, Implementation management, practical workshops and cost/benefit analysis based on the correct choice of Release System.

Zyvax (BreeZ) 公司作为唯一水性脱模剂的供应商,可提供100%无挥发性有机化合物(非溶剂型)的产品。在使用无溶剂型产品时,由于消除了刺鼻气味的,可以无需使用口罩,手套,与传统的溶剂型产品不同,更无需安装昂贵的烟雾通风换气系统。

整个生产过程包括:清洁,封孔涂抹,脱模剂涂抹三部分,从而形成一种半永久性的脱模层,而且不再需要溶剂的使用。ZYVAX无溶剂型产品非常可靠,属于无挥发性有机化合物,是在室温下可固化的半永久性脱模产品. 这种非溶剂型脱模剂虽然含水量很高,却可以耐280°C的高温。 


Aeronautics & Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Mass Transportation, Sports & Leisure, Wind Energy, Ancillary Products, tub and shower, artificial marble, or general fibreglass applications. Thermo plastics using flex.Z is yet also a big succes.

Granudan is today the exclusive partner and technical salesteam specified to the Global Wind Industry. Surface treatment and maintenance of Wind blade molds, webs, root sections, spars and other Inner sections is our key competence with experiences since 1999.


The trend for using "Green Chemistry" increases every day, and Granudan intends to be the leading provider in this area. Granudan offers technical training courses in the awareness and beneficial use of waterbased release coat system in different environments (humidity / temperatures). Learn how to increase lifetime of mould, achieve higher performance and reliability, limit time on reburbs, increase production output, minimize cost in finish, usage of only ¼ to competitive products, use of spraymops in blade-moulds, learn how to adapt to external conditions. Interested? - Call us for further information.

We offer the best suitable release agent solution from top manufacturers to the Composite Industry. We have expanded our BreeZ-range of products and combined the best from Zyvax developments with the best from Chemlease. This gives a unique opportunity to You as a custome


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Below a quick description of each range of product.​


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